Pacific NW Fall Garden Part Quatre

Our fall garden has progressed to the point of harvesting bounty.


Our arugula is performing like a champ. As is the basil – though I’m less proud of this because the basil are starts.

The kale developed a nasty aphid habit. I put a solution of vinegar and water on the leaves to kill the aphids, which was a mistake – now many of the leaves have a bleached out look. Unfortunately the vinegar solution also bleached out some of the beet and rainbow chard leaves.

I’ve removed the affected leaves and have started watering the kale more aggressively in hopes that will kill off stragglers too. I read on the blog Clover and Thyme that planting banana peels in the garden wards off aphids. If I tire of squishing the straggling survivors I may plant some peels near the kale and see if that works.

Random indentation problem solved!
Squirrels! I caught these cute but devious creatures digging holes in the garden. I haven’t taken measures to prevent this since they haven’t eaten anything. But they are taking a toll on the struggling green onions by uprooting one or two of them on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for:

  • Cloching like a boss – getting the garden ready for winter
  • When to harvest beets & best practices for harvesting salad greens

2 thoughts on “Pacific NW Fall Garden Part Quatre

  1. I’ve got squirrels too. I’m not exactly sure what they are doing. One has even dug a little I’m thinking to bury a walnut! We have walnut trees on the property. Though I don’t mind the squirrels as much as I’m not enjoying what the moles have done! Best of luck to your plants. Koko:)


    1. It’d be great to have walnut trees – yum! We have moles too, but they’ve luckily avoided the garden so far and haven’t made an appearance for awhile – perhaps they’ve moved on. Thanks and best of luck to yours as well!

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